PayPal Popular Problem

PayPal is wonderful provider for online payment which allows people to do some transaction globally. This kind of payment system is not the first one that we know of, however PayPal is one of the popular right now with ecommerce and money sites utilizing its services with regards to payment system.

Nonetheless there are times that this kind of payment system has full of problems. PayPal is not a perfect payment system and sometimes you will experience problem with it. However, you should not worry because this major issue with regards to PayPal has a solution so that you will continue to use your account.

One of the common problems in paypal is when currency converted reads “null”. Also if you have some problem which is not being discuss on article, you can always go to this site: This is annoyingly basic issue of PayPal, in fact even right now, there are times you will experience this with one of your transactions. The sad truth PayPal seems not to mind this issue, maybe they think it’s only some glitch in their system. However, for users like you and me we will be affected by this issue and we want to avoid this problem. Maybe one of the common causes about this issue probably comes from Internet connection or due to heavy users of PayPal. If you ask help form PayPal, they would advice you to change your browser and refresh. Sometimes it works and sometimes you need to wait for few minutes for the transaction to be successful.

In case this issue may surface it is best that you check on the transaction you have submitted and double check if there is some error. You can also check on how much balance you have in your account. PayPal system is very sensitive to errors and mistakes, that why it is important to use the system with caution. Considering that you have already check your account and have all things in order then you can begin the same process once more. The next thing you can do is to clear browser cache or using different device. However, if this issue is beyond your control you can always try to use their service tomorrow and see if the issue is gone.


Venom Movie Feedbacks

If you are a fan of Venom movie there are things you need to know about the update. The first Venom movie is created to release Sony’s Spider-villain franchise and because of that it is already clear that the studio is preparing to work on Venom 2. In fact actor Tom Hardy has already agreed to terms that he will be the star of three Venom films. Furthermore the ending of the Venom movie give us hint on few ideas of the coming movies of Venom in the future. There will be plenty of hints in the Venom movie which will usher the next sequel of the franchise. Nonetheless for now Sony is not making any announcement for their plans, on the other hand Ruben Fleischer confirmed that he already arranged the projects.

For now Venom is hitting huge in the movie theater because of its new style and concept but still the movie is greatly created. The action is great, CGI are perfect but the plot might seems so slow but because of its funny scenes, Venom still kick butt and made its debut solo movie a very successful one. The 2018 Venom is the initial movie for the upcoming 2 more movies of the franchise. Venom, on the other hand seems to be the main attraction of the movie. In the past, Sony was trying their best to show Venom’s character to be seen in the entertainment world and want the character to be seen in action and so he was seen in Spider Man 3 but it was a failure. Now he is back to have his solo origin movie and today Venom movie is a huge success.

We will be expecting in the future that Sony will have to announce the following sequel of Venom movie. Of course, this time they will not say a word for the next sequel because they want to give credit to the first Venom origin movie. The moment Venom reached the theater; there are plenty of feedbacks that the movie is very awesome. So folks if you are a fan of Venom movie then you can try to enjoy Venom 2018.

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Deadpool 2 — Other Things We Do Not Know

The Merc with a Mouth as a Dad

What if Wade Wilson 2 in Deadpool 2 is a father? Can you imagine The Merc with a Mouth to be a dad? Well, that is originally the plan but his silly behavior surely makes it too complicated. So yeah, friends and fans, the beginning question was indeed, “What if Deadpool had a child?” Like, what if we started five years later and what it would be like?” Reynolds told EW. “By page 1.5, it was totally untenable. We were just like, ‘Nope. No, no, no. This is never, ever going to work.” There, Reynolds said it himself. We cannot expect that anymore. Sometimes it’s really funny to think about that, how could our hero with a twisted sense of humor take care of his child? Oh, we don’t know, maybe he’s going to change a bit? Will he? Will it ever affect his heroic escapades?

Let’s stop the unimaginable right there.

Let’s talk about how they came up with the plot of Deadpool 2. And now we know that Ryan Reynolds co-wrote the sequel with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. After they figured out that Deaedpool dad is not going to work right, they looked into the angle of Wilson desiring for a family but being unable to have one.

Coming Up With The Plot

“We went back to the drawing board and kind of reworked it in a way about wanting to have a child, which is something that so many people I know experience on a daily basis — wanting to have a child but can’t.

Reynolds described the first film as “love story masquerading as a comic-book movie,” and says the sequel is “kind of a family film masquerading as a comic-book film again.”

Deadpool is known for two things: killing people and saying whatever is on his mind — literally anything, justifying what he’s being called, the merc with a mouth. Still, it sounds like a line has been drawn in the sand as to what constitutes going too far for Deadpool, at least on the big screen.

Not All Jokes Made it To The Final Cut

We’re into his jokes, yes, we’re all into that. That makes him the unique hero we all fall in love with. Well, not all his jokes made to the movie’s final cut. Ryan himself revealed one particular topic that is no laughing matter.

“This is a sore spot for me because there’s a joke in the movie that is not in the now because — I’m probably not even allowed to say this — Fox made me take it out,” he tells Entertainment Weekly. “It had more to do with Disney, and they made me take it out. As I look back at it, I think maybe that was a wise decision.”

This isn’t really surprising, now that Disney is acquiring 20th Century Fox, the studio that makes the X-Men movie franchise that includes Deadpool 2. So there. After all, the trailers for the new Deadpool film already include light digs at the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so what ended up on the cutting room floor was probably pretty extreme. There are just lines you don’t cross when it comes to Mickey Mouse and his insanely large kingdom.

The Mutant Kid and The Possible Restriction of Mutant Powers

Okay, on our previous article, we talked about brief details of the new characters and a deeper background of Cable, the sequel’s villain who time travelled to kill a mutant kid that could possibly be very affecting on our future that Cable is so desperate to change. So let’s talk a bit about this kid mutant that we really do not have an idea about. Let’s talk about him a bit, shall we?

The kid’s character is played by relative unknown Julian Dennison. In the trailer, we see him just standing around and his hands are glowing  while smoke and destruction surround him. One of the things he seems to have blown up is an Immigration and Customs Enforcement car. Question, could it be that he’s an immigrant on the run from anti-mutant authorities and ICE? Ever noticed that curious device he’s wearing? Now this is really getting us even more excited for this coming sequel. Don’t worry, 18th of May is almost on our grasp.

Oh, and another thing to point out and speculate here, since we have very limited information on this sequel’s plot, could it be there is restriction of mutant powers? Notice that both the kid and Deadpool are seen wearing bulky black collars with little red lights on them. Hhhmm, question, who put those collars on them?

Well, guys, we’ll get all our answers on the 18th, and don’t forget to line up there as early as you can! Of course, that depends on your schedule. But hey, we can expect that Deadpool 2 will never fail to entertain us even more with its return for raunchy, violent superhero sequel.

If your not contented with this critic about this movie perhaps you can always see this video from youtube
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Gaston Lagaffe Will Be On Theater This April , Its Hilarious and Exciting to Watch

Okay we have already seen movie series which shows drama, emotion and comedy. Nonetheless putting together with an idea of clumsy theme in a movie character would somehow would not bring any appeal to the viewer but since this is Gaston Lagaffe a very popular character Franco- Belgian comic character which are very popular in Europe fans who are reading and been watching this guy on cartoons can really like this movie.

The idea of this movie that it shows so much emphasize on how a daily work on the office can be so funny. While there are character in the office that get annoy to what Gaston has been doing. Our guy Gaston is depicts from the character of the cartoons and they make the actor really look alike. He is so skinny and wears a green sweater, who wears a red socks and blue shoes. Gaston Lagaffe will also be labeled as a very clumsy individual and very laid back, particularly every time he wants to rest and you see him sleeping it seems that he does not want to sleep in bed but rather just want to hang around on the toilet, cabinet or just some kind of man made hammock in the stock room.
But the funny about this man, his character shows that he is very good with gadgets and may be that is his passion and while his inventions are very creative, they are plenty of moments that what he is doing can wreck some chaos on the office where he works. By the way this persons love animals. He loves to change things from the norm, just like the scene in the toilet by which one of the his colleague want to follow him but since the door does not open in a very normal way but this time around you step on it and it will lay down on the floor but if you are not careful to step on it you might hurt someday who is waiting outside. Nonetheless the movie is very anticipated by all funs of all over France and Europe. They cannot stop looking forward on this movie and see them on their homes.

We can hope to see this character together with his other supporting personality in the cartoons would show up more realistic acting to entice viewers, as you can see that Gaston when he move on the cartoon series, I can think that he has some answer to office issue or some kind of need by which involves with his talents.

We will be seeing this guy helping his boss and his friends, although he has his own work on the office. Of course, with his genius on mechanic works, we can as well that he will be riding or flying on the air using rocket suits. I have seen many other character on the screen but Gaston Lagaffe is one of the sought after maybe because he has the skill of communicating people but not serious with life. Although he loves to be with his crush Jeanne. Yes, Mademoiselle Jeanne looks nerdy but to be honest, she is very hot and she is very admirable and there are many other people in their office who would like to be her lover.

Theo Fernandez who plays the role of the Gaston Lagaffe le film streaming is very fit for his role considering that his looks really fit on his body build up. And there are many angles on the camera that are captured which viewers imagine that if ever Gaston Lagaffe is real then we could conclude that Theo Fernadez is Gaston Lagaffe in real life. However, we all know that Gaston Lagaffe is just a fictional cartoon character in France and turn out to be a daily gag medium for those who want to watch comedy movies.

So guys if you love Gaston Lagaffe you can bookmark this website and have the advantage of watching the movie in your computer because you can’t go the cinemas near you. Take advantage on the Internet and have the best kind of streaming site to watch Gaston Lagaffe for free.

Game Mods Technology

Warrior Kings your real-time strategic fist!

Lucky they’re not worrier Kings, or we’d never have any fun.
When we saw Warrior Kings and Lords Mobile there was not much of a game to be seen.

Sure there were loads of pretty models and nice words coming out of the developer’s mouth, but it didn’t have a definite sense of purpose. No definite sense of actually being a game at all.

But given what we have seen then, and since, it looks like Warrior Kings could grow and fruit into something genuinely interesting. The idea is to produce a multi-faceted RTS game based in a medieval fantasy world. It’s a world plagued by demons and evil, as well as guarded by Knights Paladins and the forces of good. This whole world is framed by a huge and ludicrously convoluted world history explaining why you must get militant and attempt to unite the entire world under your .

No surprise there then, but if Black Cactus manage to make the game as tactically rich and competent as something like Shogun, then they’ve got a definite winner on their hands. They’ve certainly taken some influences form that great game too – battlefield success will depend on how you marshal your troops. Competent use of formations is crucial to your success.

The problem might well be however that Black Cactus now have a lot to live up to. Warrior Kings might have seemed fresh and new a few years ago, but now – with the market brimming over with RTS efforts from across the globe – The Black Cactus team will have to work hard to make their game stand out from an increasingly busy crowd.

Warrior Kings revolves mainly around the fortress cities that act as the base from which the protagonists play out their 3D dance of polygonal death. As you can see from these screen there are some visually impressive ideas, good looking – if not particularly unique. And if a game grabs you by the eyeballs, that’s half the battle won. Sadly that’s also the easier half.

There’s nothing particularly unique here, but there’s plenty of stuff here to interest the RTS punter – a wide range of exotic units, from classic medieval siege mechanicals such as the ballista and catapult, through to huge chaos demon-beasts who rampage across the wreaking untold hideousness amongst the forces of good. Not only that but you can use these beasts and contraptions to lay siege to large enemy castles – an event that we’re all very interested to see running in a real game. The possibilities for siege scenarios are huge.

There’s a big management element to the game – health, strength and morale of your troops is going to depend on how well you manage the resources of your budding country. This is bound into how you run your campaign and also which of the three routes you go down. You can follow the holy forces of good, the demonic forces of evil, or become more technologically competent. Each scenario has its advantages and, of course, disadvantages.

All this is set in a whopping great dynamic campaign, which could have any of five possible outcomes, depending on how you play out the game.

It’s tough to see whether Warrior Kings is a going to be a hit or not. The trajectory is there, the ordnance is primed; but now we wait for the bombardier to do his thing – and he could stumble at any time. We’ll see more of Black Cactus’ mammoth project later in the year.

It’s got a funky 3D engine for those huge chaotic battles
There’s loads to think about including a economic engine
There’s going to be extensive multi-player support
A huge dynamic campaign gives it a long life-span
There’s hope for stagnant RTS market after all

Game Mods Technology

Sonic Shuffle finally Materialized

Sega does its own take on Mario Party, with a card-dealing board game. Will the excitement never end?
It doesn’t take ’em long, does it?

Spot a good idea and you can bet your bottom dollar that most developers will find a way to incorporate the winning formula into their latest opus. You can’t really blame them, as the games industry seems founded on the plagiarism – sorry, borrowing – of other people’s ideas. No Missile Command means no Fantavision, no Virtua Fighter means no Dead or Alive 2 – that’s just the way it works. Watch how many cel-shaded games start popping up now that Jet Set Radio has finally materialised.

It doesn’t matter, though, as long as the end result has some credibility, some semblance of originality, rather than being just a jumbled mess resulting from the ‘square-peg-round-hole’ scenario. Sega seems to know this and have injected a little character into their version of the so-called ‘Party Game’. In fact they’ve injected five, with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy all making appearances, Dr. Robotnik showing up from time to time, to unleash his usual brand of havoc.

Once you’ve picked your alter ego, you get to choose what mix of human or CPU opponents you’ll play against. At this point, it’s worth mentioning that the single-player experience leaves a lot to be desired. Even with the ‘High Speed Move’ option selected, you’ll spend at least half your time sitting around, twiddling your thumbs, while the blasted computer acts out its turn. Do yourself a favour and play Sonic Shuffle with a few mates, or not at all. It’s incredibly tedious, otherwise.

The actual mechanics of the game are basic enough. You’re all dealt a hand of numbered cards, from which you pick one and advance through the spaces in either direction. The object is to reach the Precioustone (read ‘Chaos Emerald’) that is invariably located at the other end of the board. The spaces fall roughly into three categories: Ring spaces add or subtract the famous gold bands and can accumulate exponentially, depending on how many successive spaces you land on. Battle spaces are exactly that – you face off against any one of a number of odd creatures and are each dealt a random card, the holder of the higher-value winning the battle. Finally, the Mini Game spaces provide the real fun aspect of Sonic Shuffle, as they engage all four characters in all sorts of amusing and not-so-amusing activities.

And it’s these events that give the game its sense of fun. Sometimes you’ll be floating in zero gravity, trying to get in shot of a timed camera, other times belting round a sun-drenched beach, attempting to be the last man holding a solitary parasol. You’ll probably get to outrun Dr. Robotnik’s Magnetic Ray or perhaps just be breaking through as many combination-locked doors as possible inside of a time limit. There’s a good spread of mini games, but unfortunately, there isn’t nearly enough spaces on the board, meaning that you might find yourself aiming for the event spaces, instead of trying to aim for the Precioustone.

Graphically, the cartoony artwork is wonderful and with all the characters from the Mobius in place, Sonic Shuffle could well prove itself a firm family favourite – at least until Sonic Adventure 2 hits, that is.

Game Mods Programming Technology

By Passing Far Cry 4’s Unskippable Start Animation

This appears like the type of thing we have to be writing for each game of late. In which the vanity of marketers sees them neglect to permit the gamer to simply skip previous their starting vanity displays, and you anxiously click on and cut at each key, positive that they certainly can’t be this vain? Thankfully, the wonderful enjoyment of Far Cry 4 may be easily more rapidly attained, without needing to seek out the individual obscurely-named video files from the absolute depths of your hard disk.

I believe it’s reasonable for this kind of clips to experience out the first time a video game is released. Tedious, however good. However after that, obviously you have to be in a position to click past them. Far Cry 4’s introduction stings aren’t the most severe I’ve noticed this year, however when individuals are experiencing bugs and also have to reboot, they can turn out to be specifically egregious. And it doesn’t help that after becoming glacially advised of the writer, the engine, and an images card producer, you’re then shown a completely unnecessary animation saying the name of the sport. Um, yes, I’m the person who launched it. After which, it delays issues even more to let you know – each time – not to explode the local power grid whenever a circulating animation is playing. It’s as if video game marketers checked out the horror of obligatory DVD intro displays and thought, “We will go larger.”

If you purchased the video game via Steam, it’s as simple as a pre-bought pie. Discover the video game in your library, right check out it, and hit Properties. In the box that appears is a choice for “SET LAUNCH OPTIONS”. Click that, and the field that seems, place in “-skipintro” (without quotes, with no space). Right now, when you start the video game either from Steam, or from the not-actually-a-proper-shortcut it place on your desktop, the video game will jump right to its alternatives screen.

If you set up the video game from a disc (caveman), then you’ll use a more appropriate desktop or Start menu shortcut. Right go through the icon or Start entry, and pick “Properties”. Here you need to view a box referred to as “Target:”, and in there a spiel that informs it where to locate the video game. On the end of it all, paste in ” -skipintro” (once again, without those estimates, and the space is essential), and click “OK”. It should appear like this, but naturally the opening place stuff depends in which you installed it.

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Far Cry 4\bin\FarCry4.exe” –skipintro. If it doesn’t work still, try “-skip intro 1?. Now 2x click the icon/hit the Start entry, and you need to be swooshy-animation free. And when you launch via Uplay, first have a very good long look in the mirror, and then discover where the video game is a component of your machine, view in the /bin folder for the .exe that roll-outs the video game, and right check out it and tell it to create a desktop shortcut. FC4 is problematic.

Regrettably we’ve yet to discover a way to by pass the in-game cutscenes, which FC4 so amazingly doesn’t let you leap. This is particularly entertaining when a random quest fail reboots you back in entrance of a meandering discussion by which you need to twiddle your digits again and again. Ubisoft, make sure you, patch this in, you monsters.

Game Mods Programming Technology

Day of Farmers Mod now on Hay Day

Hay Day Update

More than two years after the release of Hay Day its Mod community is still red hot, and still cranking out great mods. The latest to completely dominate the hearts and minds of players is Day of Farmers. The hook is simple — farming style competition. Who doesn’t want to play?

Sure, a few people may point to Pol Pot, but if you want titanic gaming experience, nothing is better than this. And yes, we realize a few of you out there with twisted minds and a penchant for doing things online that you can’t do in real life will line right up to play. Regardless of the morality, Day of Farmers convincingly brings to life a farmer none of us remember except through TV, movies or possibly books. Of course this isn’t anything close to what real world went through, but for us latter-day gamer geeks, this is about as close as we can get without going postal someplace.

Day of Farmers for Hay Day is something like an onion with layers of complexity. The first layer when you’re a newbie will consist of figuring out the maps and classes. As time progresses the next layer will peel itself back — gaining diamonds for the team, gaining real points and matching classes to the farms.

There is definitely a learning curve, but we can help. Besides detailing Hay Day our likes and dislikes, we’ve put together a little Day of Farmer primer: a guide to the popular farms. If you’re ready to give Day of farmers a try, you’ll need to go no further.

What exactly will you be getting into with Day of Farmers for Hay Day playres? It’s the  various maps that try to recreate many famous farming simulation scenarios.

The most excellent aspect of Day of Farmers update for Hay Day is undoubtedly the mapping. Complex and simple at the same time, some of the maps represent the same skill in mapping we saw in other popular titles. The entire map can be covered through back alleys just wide enough for one man. And rooftop perches are strewn throughout in strategic positions.

That’s not to say the update doesn’t have problems. It does. It’s a beta, what do you expect? The scoring system immediately pops to mind as a problem that most gamers are going to hate. Besides those problems and a few glitchy beta problems we’ve seen, we’re in love. If you play multiplayer Hay Day at all, give this mod a chance.

Programming Technology

Top Technology of 2001, Now a Big Edge

Contrary to its horribly misleading name, “Bluetooth” isn’t a discoloring dental disease, it’s actually an industry buzz word for a communication technology promising to make our high-tech lives less, um, well, “wired.” Bluetooth is poised to replace common cables currently used between computers and computer peripherals, PDAs, phones, pagers, modems and digital cameras — with a reliable, affordable and relatively high-speed wireless solution between devices.

This Ericsson T28 has a Bluetooth wireless headset for cord-free yapping.
This short-range radio, chip-based technology is tiny and cheap, and was initially designed by cell phone giant Ericsson, but was then quickly adopted by dozens of other high-tech companies — including such heavyweights as Intel and IBM — and now there’s a universal standard that manufacturers are adhering to in order to ensure capability between devices. Over 40 upcoming Bluetooth-enabled products were shown at Comdex 2000 in Las Vegas, and you can expect an even greater number on display at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, 2001. In retrospect those bluetooth products are now used for some games like Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Pokemon etc.

No more trailing ethernet cords when you’ve got a wireless LAN hub.
So the computers of the future will likely still have keyboards, mice, scanners and printers, but long gone will be those dangling cords linking up each device to the PC. And do you remember how you had to connect your Palm or PocketPC to your computer to sync up software or install new programs? Or first connect your digital camera to your PC in order to print out an 8×10? Not anymore. We’re talking about a completely wireless, convergent future.

And with the sheer number of companies jumping on the Bluetooth bandwagon, ideas on how to use the technology are proliferating. A few novel (and practical) applications include employees who can roam around the office and print off a document right from their PDAs; refrigerators that can communicate to a PC to say the food supply is down or the temperature is too high; digital video recorders that can be set to record The X-Files with a few taps on a cell phone from your car; or inexpensive Bluetooth chips placed in freight containers to identify their contents as a truck pulls into a warehouse.

Write directly to your PDA, PC or fax.
An early and promising use for Bluetooth was recently displayed by newcomer Anoto, which has developed a Bluetooth-equipped pen that allows users to send data from paper directly to devices such as PCs and fax machines. Already the company has “inked” deals with international stationary outfits 3M, Filofax, Mead and Franklin Covey. Expect many more inexpensive Bluetooth devices to surface in the spring and summer of 2001.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where the term “Bluetooth” came from, it’s named after a 10th century Danish Viking, Harald Blatand (“Bluetooth” in English), who had a yen for blueberries so strong his teeth were permanently stained. Harald’s name was chosen because, allegedly, he helped unite Denmark with Norway.

Game Mods Technology

Misconception Like Playing Video Games

Misconception that non-gamers make about gamers if you play games which obviously we hope you do what are you doing here you probably feel our pain.

1The first misconception that really bothers us is the belief that games are not beneficial meanwhile online gamers have been solving sciences biggest problem solving puzzles involving jeans having bigger conversations about the universe and more there are huge fans of English science history and more that are in two games that are more than just about shooting guns check out 2011 is folded an online puzzle game about protein folding we brought this up on our channel before but it’s definitely worth looking into if you’re a fan of science and stuff at.

2.What really bothers us is whenever people say that video games make people violent when playing games really helps people alleviate stress and release tension there are a lot of studies out there supporting both sides but if you just think about it and you know other people who play video games out there is that were generally a peaceful folk yes we might commit murders in Grand Theft Auto and slaughter countless aliens but at the end of the day I know a lot of video gamers that maybe hit an animal with a car and then freaked out and grieve about it for three days the idea that we’re all bloodthirsty violent school shooters is just so old hat.

3.We have the concept that just because you gave means that you’re automatically a nerd and no four different computer languages and can fix somebody’s computer for free we all encounter that somewhere just because you play Minecraft on the computer all day your aunt thinks that you can fix her phone for free you might not even know how to fix the phone while many of us admittedly are a lot of us are automatically crazy super nerds we’re not just going to fix your shit or teach your daughter how to play video games just because we’re lonely and we would love the company or something because honestly we don’t.

4 A common misconception is that all gamers are guys well I don’t necessarily believe those poles that say fifty percent of gamers are women I do know many women out there that plays video games and they don’t suck at them and they have killed you a time or two I don’t know it’s gonna be really gay they’re not a poser fake gamer girl or anything like that whole idea that if you’re a girl to play video games you don’t really know what you’re doing and you tend to lose it’s just kind of old-fashioned and I’m not going to get on a social justice warrior podium or anything like that but you just can’t deny that when you look outside everybody’s playing video games these days and since deny that fact it’s just kind of a little silly.

5. We really have a problem with that idea that video games make you stupid studies have shown that playing video games can actually make your brain bigger seriously there’s a study out there that shows that playing super mario 64 for 30 minutes a day over two months increase in adult brain volume in the right hippocampus the right prefrontal cortex and the cerebellum these are the parts of the brain that are responsible for memory formation strategic planning muscle control and spatial navigation stuff like that that you do in video games every day and it makes you better for it seriously though have you ever felt like when you’re driving you dodge something very quickly I’m not saying we’re all spider-man or anything but i do think we all have better developments thanks studies out there that proved this.

I hope you learn something and destroy that fake fact . thanks for reading…