Month: November 2014

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Misconception Like Playing Video Games

Misconception that non-gamers make about gamers if you play games which obviously we hope you do what are you doing here you probably feel our pain.

1The first misconception that really bothers us is the belief that games are not beneficial meanwhile online gamers have been solving sciences biggest problem solving puzzles involving jeans having bigger conversations about the universe and more there are huge fans of English science history and more that are in two games that are more than just about shooting guns check out 2011 is folded an online puzzle game about protein folding we brought this up on our channel before but it’s definitely worth looking into if you’re a fan of science and stuff at.

2.What really bothers us is whenever people say that video games make people violent when playing games really helps people alleviate stress and release tension there are a lot of studies out there supporting both sides but if you just think about it and you know other people who play video games out there is that were generally a peaceful folk yes we might commit murders in Grand Theft Auto and slaughter countless aliens but at the end of the day I know a lot of video gamers that maybe hit an animal with a car and then freaked out and grieve about it for three days the idea that we’re all bloodthirsty violent school shooters is just so old hat.

3.We have the concept that just because you gave means that you’re automatically a nerd and no four different computer languages and can fix somebody’s computer for free we all encounter that somewhere just because you play Minecraft on the computer all day your aunt thinks that you can fix her phone for free you might not even know how to fix the phone while many of us admittedly are a lot of us are automatically crazy super nerds we’re not just going to fix your shit or teach your daughter how to play video games just because we’re lonely and we would love the company or something because honestly we don’t.

4 A common misconception is that all gamers are guys well I don’t necessarily believe those poles that say fifty percent of gamers are women I do know many women out there that plays video games and they don’t suck at them and they have killed you a time or two I don’t know it’s gonna be really gay they’re not a poser fake gamer girl or anything like that whole idea that if you’re a girl to play video games you don’t really know what you’re doing and you tend to lose it’s just kind of old-fashioned and I’m not going to get on a social justice warrior podium or anything like that but you just can’t deny that when you look outside everybody’s playing video games these days and since deny that fact it’s just kind of a little silly.

5. We really have a problem with that idea that video games make you stupid studies have shown that playing video games can actually make your brain bigger seriously there’s a study out there that shows that playing super mario 64 for 30 minutes a day over two months increase in adult brain volume in the right hippocampus the right prefrontal cortex and the cerebellum these are the parts of the brain that are responsible for memory formation strategic planning muscle control and spatial navigation stuff like that that you do in video games every day and it makes you better for it seriously though have you ever felt like when you’re driving you dodge something very quickly I’m not saying we’re all spider-man or anything but i do think we all have better developments thanks studies out there that proved this.

I hope you learn something and destroy that fake fact . thanks for reading…