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Day of Farmers Mod now on Hay Day

Hay Day Update

More than two years after the release of Hay Day its Mod community is still red hot, and still cranking out great mods. The latest to completely dominate the hearts and minds of players is Day of Farmers. The hook is simple — farming style competition. Who doesn’t want to play?

Sure, a few people may point to Pol Pot, but if you want titanic gaming experience, nothing is better than this. And yes, we realize a few of you out there with twisted minds and a penchant for doing things online that you can’t do in real life will line right up to play. Regardless of the morality, Day of Farmers convincingly brings to life a farmer none of us remember except through TV, movies or possibly books. Of course this isn’t anything close to what real world went through, but for us latter-day gamer geeks, this is about as close as we can get without going postal someplace.

Day of Farmers for Hay Day is something like an onion with layers of complexity. The first layer when you’re a newbie will consist of figuring out the maps and classes. As time progresses the next layer will peel itself back — gaining diamonds for the team, gaining real points and matching classes to the farms.

There is definitely a learning curve, but we can help. Besides detailing Hay Day our likes and dislikes, we’ve put together a little Day of Farmer primer: a guide to the popular farms. If you’re ready to give Day of farmers a try, you’ll need to go no further.

What exactly will you be getting into with Day of Farmers for Hay Day playres? It’s theĀ  various maps that try to recreate many famous farming simulation scenarios.

The most excellent aspect of Day of Farmers update for Hay Day is undoubtedly the mapping. Complex and simple at the same time, some of the maps represent the same skill in mapping we saw in other popular titles. The entire map can be covered through back alleys just wide enough for one man. And rooftop perches are strewn throughout in strategic positions.

That’s not to say the update doesn’t have problems. It does. It’s a beta, what do you expect? The scoring system immediately pops to mind as a problem that most gamers are going to hate. Besides those problems and a few glitchy beta problems we’ve seen, we’re in love. If you play multiplayer Hay Day at all, give this mod a chance.